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Crystal Vogel style
     Tree of Life Laser Wand

Crystal Vogel-style Healing WandThis multifaceted cut is inspired by Marcel Vogel's research on healing with crystals and sacred geometry. It's faceted cut and double points profoundly influence the energy traveling through the crystal. In a healing session, it opens the crown Chakra and allows pranic energy to shoot in, filling the entire body and vertically aligning the Chakras. 

 It is good to use together with the Pranava Laser Wand; first remove and clarify with the Laser Wand, then fill with this Vogel-style wand.

 Excellent tool to use in combination with Reiki symbols.

For Visualizations use on the 3rd eye (Ajna) Chakra - it is a powerful aid to clarify and manifest visualizations.

Available in several sizes ranging from 2 inches to 4 inches in length.

Pranava Living Light Activation™

Pranava Energy activated crystals awaken, align, clarify and harmonize the energy of each Chakra as well as the five etheric (subtle) energy bodies: creating greater vitality, health, emotional balance, mental clarity and higher states of awareness. Each of these beautiful precision faceted wands is energetically programed in our Pranava Activator™. The accelerated, healing frequencies of the Pranava Activation are received and transmitted permanently by the crystal, making it an even more powerful Light healing tool. These Kabbalistic Healing Wands are both beautiful pendants as well as a laser wand for vibrational healing work.

More information about Pranava Activation click here.

"Quartz Crystal Coheres and Amplifies Energy...

Vogel Style Crystal Wand Kabbalistic Tree of LIfe, Pranava Activated CrystalsThe crystal works much the same way that a laser does: It takes scattered rays of energy and makes the energy field so coherent and unidirectional that a tremendous force is generated - one that is much stronger than if the energies were allowed to be emitted without having come into coherence.

The psychic or energetic healer has to deal with the emanations of his/her hands or bioenergy field, which do not have the same levels of coherence one can obtain by using a crystal as a focusing tool. The crystal, when used with Love, makes the energies of mind coherent. It brings these energies into a pattern exactly fitting the life force energies of the person seeking to be healed, then amplifies them for healing. - Marcel Vogel

The shape of these healing Wands is fashioned after the precision cut of quartz first created by Marcel Vogel, one of IBM's leading research scientists and founder of the Psychic Research, Inc. Dr. Vogel's work with quartz crystals led to much of our current modern computer technology (he developed the first liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and accumulated over 100 patents during his career as a scientist/inventor). But it is his work in the field of subtle psychic healing energies that we are most interested in. During his last seven years at IBM, Vogel conducted research on the effect of the mind and emotion on plants. He used instrumentation to measure the reaction of plants to projected thought and emotion.

One of his most significant finds was that regardless of physical distance (over 2000 miles), a plant would react to Marcel's projection of Love to the same degree as if he were physically present with the plant. Some of this research is detailed in "The Secret Life of Plants" by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, published in the early 1970's. These experiments laid the groundwork that propelled him into psychic research, and his creation of crystal healing wands.

Vogel knew from his scientific work with crystals at IBM that quartz has the inherent capability of cohering and amplifying energy vibrations or frequencies, he postulated that quartz would also cohere and amplify the energies of the mind and emotion. He began focusing on discovering the correct shape to cut and facet a natural quartz crystal that would amplify the crystal's potential information storage capacity and be a tool that would present a consistent vibratory pattern. One morning upon waking, he saw in a vision a shape that he later discovered was the Kabbalistic Tree of Life*.

After his vision, it took him one year to cut and grind a crystal to the exact ratio and proportions of the Tree of Life in his vision. In so doing, he produced a precision crystal instrument that transduces subtle psychic energy into a scientifically measurable field. This wand became known as a Vogel Healing Wand, we refer to our version as a Kabbalistic Tree of Life Crystal Healing Wand.

How Faceted Wands Work

Male end
Transmits Energy

Female end
Receives Energy

Vogel Style Kabbalistic Healing Crystal Wand

The large end of the Wand is cut precisely to the interior angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, 51 seconds; the same angle as the Great Pyramid of Giza. This end is the female, receptive end. It draws in Prana (life force energy), which spirals down the length of the crystal, being amplified every time it hits a facet. The other end of the crystal wand which is cut to a larger interior angle than the female end, comes to a smaller, more elongated point; it is the male end, the focusing point.

When the spiraling energy reaches the male end of the crystal wand, this highly amplified Prana is focused through the tip producing a coherent, laser-like beam of focused, concentrated energy.

Amazingly, it has been found that crystals cut and faceted into this shape, no matter how large or small, produce a consistent vibratory "note" or signature of 454. Years after the first Vogel Healing Wand was fashioned, experiments conducted showed that consecrated water, (waters from sacred sites renowned for spontaneous healings) and waters empowered by shamans, carry the same frequency signature of 454.

This provides some insight into the phenomena of how these Kabbalistic Crystal Wands work; because of their vibratory signature of 454, they communicate directly with the water of the body, returning it to a healthy structured state.

*The Tree of Life is the glyph representing the pattern light/energy takes as it descends from the Unmanifest Divine Source, creating all levels of the causal, astral and physical spheres of creation until it reaches the physical sphere. All creation is described and represented in this "Blueprint of Creation". It also is a roadmap home for the Ascent of Spiritualized Matter back to our Divine Source.

Mini WandThe Mini Wand is a precision cut, 12 sided Crystal. It is  the smallest of the wands. This is easy to take along with you in a pocket. It is the size of our Tree of Life Pendants.


Crystal's individual healing properties:

Each crystal has inherent properties that can be beneficial to healing, alignment and balance. Several different types of crystals are used in fashioning the Pranava Tree of Life Crystal Healing Wands. The type of quartz used will "flavor" the energy that each wand emits, giving each a slightly different focus and function.

Note: Portions of the above were excerpted from Paul Jensen's Introduction t to Vogel Healing Tools.

Buy Vogel style Wands online through Secure Paypal Shopcart::

Vogel style Kabbalistic Wand Medium $69.99 aprox 3 inch


Vogel style Kabbalistic Wand Large $99.99  aprox 4 inch


Vogel style Kabbalistic Xtra Large Wand  aprox 5 inch  $139.00


Vogel style Kabbalistic Mini Wand    $39.99


Vogel-style Kabbalistic Wand Pendants

Click to see Pendant

Pranava Six Pointed Gem Star Wand: the two triangles, symbolize the balance of feminine and masculine energy, the descent into matter of Divine consciousness and the ascent of matter back to the Divine, Yin and Yang, Shakti and Shiva. The space where the two sacred triangles meet is the heart, our source, the center for Divine unconditional love. This symbol has been used by many spiritual traditions: it is the Star of David, and the Vedic symbol for the Heart Chakra. These take us into the heart of stillness.to the core of our being.  A very soothing, gentle energy; clarifies the subtle bodies, opens the connections to the elements and subtle essences of the universe, excellent also for visualization work.
 Buy Now: $48.00


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