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What is Pranava Energy?

Energetic Activation Exclusively from Celestial Lights

Our crystals are unique because we activate or "charge" them energetically in our Pranava Energy Activator. The Pranava Energy Activator is the creation of Sebastian Posern, energy healer and founder of Celestial Lights Crystals. Sebastian has been working with many kinds of energetic healing modalities since 1992.

This activation process is a multistep procedure that basically charges each crystal with a special Lifetronic Light Frequency or Prana. Prana is the ancient Sanskrit word that means the Breathe of the is the the essence of the Life- Force Energy that creates and supports all of Life. All healing & wholeness flow from it. It is the Light Signature of the Creator, carrying the blueprint for the remembrance of the Source.  After going through the Pranava Activation Process the crystal is now charged and programed to permanently to attract and transmit charged Lifetrons or Prana healing energy.

 Celestialight's Pranava activation process imbues a particularly gentle nurturing aspect of the Divine Mother Nature of the Universal Source. It is excellent for those souls who are especially drawn to the energies of the Divine Feminine, Nurturing and Loving aspect of Creation. Pranava Crystals are the perfect tool for all energy healers, light-workers, spiritual aspirants and individuals who are seeking a powerful yet gentle loving, positive energy to balance and harmonize themselves, their loved ones, clients and environment

Pranava Crystals are essential aids for all kinds of personal Susan St Clair  cofounder Celestialights spirit, mind & bodywork such as Meditation, Yoga, Visualization, Ascension, etc. They can align, awaken, harmonize and clarify our Chakras (vital energy centers) as well as our five etheric (subtle) energy bodies. This in turn allows for greater vitality, health, emotional balance, mental clarity and higher awareness. These very powerful energy tools can initiate, stimulate, and support our own evolution to greater states of awareness, wholeness and self-realization.

Pranava Energy Activated Crystals restore the remembrance of the Source of creation to the cells: they align, balance & clarify the Chakras, restore health to the body, harmonize the environment, and enhance and accelerate spiritual advancement. Pranava crystals are excellent for stress and pain reduction.


    Enhance your Healing Practice with Pranava Crystals

    Because they are so powerful and versatile these Living Light Crystals can greatly enhance and support all traditional as well as alternative healing modalities such as: Reiki, Pranic Healing, Massage, Aromatherapy, all Subtle Energy Therapies, Light, Color & Sound Therapies, Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Intuitive Counseling, Aura Soma, Flower & Gemstone Essences, all Vibrational Healing techniques, the list is endless.

    Pranava Activated Crystals also restore harmony to the environment and are excellent tools for Feng Shui and other techniques and systems whose goal is to create harmonious, beneficial Chi energy in a space, room or environment.

    Light Energy Grids and the Human Body

    "Our galactic body of creation controls its renewing functions through meridian axiatonal lines which are the equivalent of acupuncture lines that can connect with resonating star systems.

    When Man can discover the connection between his life space and the axiatonal grids controlling the body through endless cell division, Man will have a new super-science known as medical astronomy.

    The axial lines are part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system combining color and sound, which are used to draw from the Overself body the basic energy used for the renewing functions of the human evolutionary body.

    Hence, the axiatonal lines can be used for the complete regeneration of an organ and even to resurrect the dead, when activated by the proper energies.

    These grids are organized to exchange genetic information throughout the body through a network of messenger cells which are passed on to any part of the body. In other words, through axiatonal grids there is provided the key framework that is necessary for the proper formation of a new limb, organ, etc. This grid network within the body is connected with the spinal column which is the major antenna for the grounding of Light signals.

    Just as the cell can be split, the whole spinal column network can be split by axiatonal lines into any number of parallel body networks because the spinal column couples all of the seven major fields of the body (the chakras) in relation to the primitive brain stem and the cerebral cortex.

    Axiatonal Lines are vibratory lines which connect levels of human electrochemical activity with astrobiological circuits that span the solar system and are connected with resonating star systems. The axiatonal lines connect the acupuncture mapping of the human biological system with superior astrological analogs."
    – Excerpts taken from The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak

    Pranava Five & Six Pointed Star & Gemstar

    We had a trusted intiutive energy healer hold each of the Pranava crystal shapes and report to us her impressions of the energies she saw and felt while working with them. This is a summary of her conversation with us.

    PTop to bottom:

Crystal Sphere, Wand, 5 & 6 pointed Stars,

 and Merkabaranava Quartz Crystal Sphere -Source of Bliss

    Creates a matrix of nurturing protection that will not allow negativity to penetrate. Holding the sphere (will help us to) experience the limitless expansion of consciousness into a transcendent state where we can realize the totality of consciousness. "The Divine is center everywhere, circumference nowhere." Yogananda

    The energy is softness, love, calming, caring, Divine Mother. Hold one in each hand during meditation or during a treatment session. Balances and energizes the aura. This crystal sphere also opens a connection to the energetic matrix of the Earth herself



    MerKaBa Star Crystal: Activates and clarifies the human Light Body. Excellent Merkaba Crystaltool to enhance and strengthen one's own light body and a powerful learning aid for anyone doing Mer-Ka-Ba (light body) visualizations and meditations.

    This term is from the Egyptian Mystery School. It is found in many languages including African Zulu, Egyptian and Hebrew. In Hebrew it means both the throne of God and a chariot that carries the human body and spirit from one place to another. In Egyptian, Mer-Ka-Ba is derived from three words: "Mer" a special kind of light, a counter-rotating field of light; "Ka" means spirit; and "Ba" means the interpretation of the Reality or the human body. This can be translated into "a counter-rotating field of light that will interact and translate the spirit and the body from one world into another."

    The Pranava Flower of Life Gemstar:  Embodies the pure essence of the five elements.  Using this tool, thought-waves are being compressed into creation, excellent for visualization and manifestation work. It is a gift to carry us to our destiny. Good for manifestation and meditation.

    Five pointed stars embody and represent the five basic subtle elements that are inherent in all of creation.  This Pranava crystal will help to align and connect the five layers of our subtle body with the 5 elements of the universe, thereby connecting us to the core of consciousness - the central Light Being.  It makes inherent potentials more accessible to the user. This Pranava Gemstar's energy has a very gentle, feminine quality.  It is very grounding and balancing and allows the spreading and expansion of the aura.

    Using this tool enhances our awareness of, and connection to, the subtle essence of the 5 elements that correspond to our 5 koshas (energy sheaths/layers), and the 5 pranas (subtle essences of energetic emanations that are present in all aspects of creation as well as in ourselves).

    The energy of these tools is that of spreading and horizontal expansion. Holding them, one can sense the opening of a portal or doorway...the energy expands outwards to the infinite. A very soothing, gentle energy. Clarifies the subtle bodies, opens the connections to the elements and subtle essences of the universe, excellent also for visualization work.

    Pranava Six Pointed Gem Star Wand: the two triangles, symbolize the balance of feminine and masculine energy, the descent into matter of Divine consciousness and the ascent of matter back to the Divine, Yin and Yang, Shakti and Shiva. The space where the two sacred triangles meet is the heart, our source, the center for Divine unconditional love. This symbol has been used by many spiritual traditions: it is the Star of David, and the Vedic symbol for the Heart Chakra. These take us into the heart of the core of our being.  A very soothing, gentle energy; clarifies the subtle bodies, opens the connections to the elements and subtle essences of the universe, excellent also for visualization work.
     Buy Now: $48.00


    Broad Crystal Double-Terminated Wand: Excellent for energetic filling, brings in specific healing energies. Good to use following the elimination and clearing work with the Crystal Laser Wand. It is also good for clearing and re-energizing a room or building. Excellent Feng Shui applications. This is for mega-level clearing, both for rooms, gardens, as well as for the human aura.  It clears stagnant pockets of energy in a room or person. Use it with intention.

    Pranava Crystal Pyramids: Excellent for cleansing in a major way, removing psychic obstacles, healing grief, brings issues up to the surface for clarification. One of the most powerful of all sacred shapes, the pyramid represents the infusion of Divine consciousness into matter, as energy flows from the point of origin to the base, and also the portal or gateway for the ascent of matter back to the Divine Source. The Pyramid shape is formed from three triangles, these relate to the three states of being as described in the ancient Vedas:, tamasic, rajasic and satvic, as well as the three worlds or realms of existence. The power of the pyramid is focusing and rejuvenating, it restores balance and harmony.

    The best tool to start with is the pyramid -- begin by placing a Pyramid in the home (or your workplace). The pyramid begins the process of programing all objects in the environment to the vibrational state of the remembrance of the Source. The pyramid stabilizes the Pranava energy in the environment and provides a platform for the use of the other AtmaPrakasha Energy Tools. Using natural quartz crystal in the pyramid shape creates an incredibly organized structure that is immensely programmable... able to contain and convey vast amounts of energetic information and work for many individuals simoutanously. It can also activate other objects, it is the Grandmother Teacher of all the AtmaPrakasha tools.

    Using the pyramid in conjunction with all of the other tools to enhances their effectiveness and amplifies their energy, and increases their ability to be programed for the individual, family or group.

      Place in the home, the pyramid is immensely programmable, it can be used by a couple or the entire family simoutanously. Excellent to place in a room where people have gathered for group sharing or meditation.
      Therapists: Place in the healing or therapy room, under a massage/therapy table, or in the center of a counseling group.

    Our Pranava Activation™ process provides a consistent energetic quality even though all pyramids are individually cut from natural crystals and are therefore physically unique. Prices vary according to sizes & weight and quality of the stone. The pyramids are available in three general size/price groups: standard, large and extra large.   Unique larger size pyramids are also available- the larger the pyramid the stronger and broader it's energetic range and the greater it's programing capacity.


    Crystal Laser Wand (Slim Faceted): This beautiful, slender lab-grown crystal wand is precision cut and multifaceted with a fine point is excellent for work on acupuncture, and acupressure energy meridian points. It helps to clear and eliminate energetic residues and blockages in the bodies (physical & subtle).  Use sweeping motions for clearing and moving the energetic residues along the energy pathways of the body. This will move the residues out to the main energy meridians, where they can be eliminated. Also good for very precise work on the acupuncture points, use the shorter point directly on the points to break up blockages and eliminate residues. Good to follow with a energy smoothing (the five pointed star) or energy filling (either the broad Crystal Wand or the Crystal Vogel-style Torpedo Wand)


    Crystal (Vogel style) Tree of Life Laser Wand :
     This Crystal Vogel-style Healing Wandmultifaceted cut is inspired by Marcel Vogel's research on healing with crystals and sacred geometry. It's faceted cut and double points profoundly influence the energy traveling through the crystal. In a healing session , it opens the crown Chakra and allows pranic energy to shoot in, filling the entire body and vertically aligning the Chakras.  It is good to use together with the Pranava Laser Wand; first remove and clarify with the Laser Wand, then fill with this Vogel-style wand. This is also is a very good tool to use in combination with Reiki symbols. Also, use on the 3rd eye (Ajna) Chakra for a powerful aid to visualization. Available in several sizes ranging from 2 inches to 4 inches in length.



    Double Terminated Crystal Pendants:  Clarifies Life purpose, Balances the male & female energies, left & right brain hemispheres, enhances clarity