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Chakra Balance Set of Flower of Life Crystals
This exclusive, rare Flower of Life cut  greatly enhances the inherent beneficial energies of the crystal. Science has documented that energy spirals through crystals and is amplified every time it "hits" a facet  The more facets a crystal has the more powerful its energy.  Additionally, the geometries of the facets affect the way in which the energy moves. Using the principles of Sacred Geometry, this crystal is faceted into a stunning Flower of Life shape.  One side of the crystal is faceted with a six petaled flower with an identical flower juxtaposed on the back side---creating a beautiful, powerful 12 pointed star. It's energy is that of being surrounded by life's abundance and joy.

 Select the one for each day and circumstance. Carry them with you as a personal healing stone, meditate with them, use it for focusing and amplifying affirmations and prayers, or apply them to the Chakra energy centers for a vibrational healing session. 

This is an excellent crystal energy balancing tool for any healer/ energy worker!

  • Enhances and amplifies your Meditation practice.
  • Clarifies and amplifies your affirmation and prayer practice.
  • Clears and activates and aligns the Chakras and energy bodies
  • Use them in conjunction with your healing practices.
  • Place around the room to create an energetically charged, harmonious environment or healing space.

Our crystals greatly enhance any kind of healing work: Massage, Counseling, Intuitive, Reiki, Pranic Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Physical Therapy, Feng Shui...the list is endless. 
These incredible faceted crystals may have minor striations that prevent them from becoming gem-quality pendants selling for hundreds of dollars, but do not detract from their beauty or subtle energy healing qualities. You (and you clients/friends and family)   will love these crystals!! Size range from 1/2 to 5/8 inch across by 1/4 inch thick

Crystals included in this Chakra Set are: Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Gold Siberian, and Aquamarine.

Pranava Activated Flower of Life Crystal Set

1st Root Chakra

Smokey Quartz

Survival, sustenance

2nd Sacral Chakra

Gold Quartz


3rd Solar Plexus Chakra


Self Esteem -Personal Power


4th Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz

Unconditional Love, Emotions

5th Throat Chakra



6th Third Eye Chakra

Clear Quartz


7th Crown Chakra


Spirituality- Connection to the Divine

Buy Chakra 7 Gem Set securely online through paypal reg $199.0sale special: $174.00



For detail on the properties of each crystal click on their buttons on the right side of this page.

Flower of Life Crystal Pendants:

These same beautiful crystals are available as pendants also!
Choose from 14k Gold or Sterling Silver wrap. A matching Chain is included.
Additional crystals and gems can be added to enhance and further personalize each piece. Below is just a sample of the many combinations available. Click here for more details:

Amethyst Flower of Life  CrystalWhat is the Flower of Life symbol
The Flower of Life symbol is considered to be sacred among many cultures around the world, both ancient and modern. Within this symbol can be found all the building blocks of the universe that we call the Platonic Solids. The symbol can be used as a metaphor to illustrate the connectedness of all life and spirit within the universe. This Sacred Geometric Archetype  is a tremendously important icon. It is a simple and yet infinitely complex aspect of "Nature's First Pattern" holding the roots of All linear principle. All form evolves from the Flower Of Life geometric pattern.  The contemplation of this icon can lead the witness to profound realization. Layers of questions may be resolved by meditating on

"The Flower Of Life." At first it is a puzzle, and then a doorway, and finally an oracle to the deepest mysteries of the universe.  [excerpt from Charles Gilchrist]

The Platonic Solids
Are found in the rudimentary construction of organic life, as well as music, language , and consciousness itself.  These building blocks of life called the Platonic Solids serve as templates through which the foundation of all life everywhere can be expressed. Once this is understood, the importance of the Flower of Life becomes apparent as a totally integrated expression of God, or the Source of Creation.  The Flower of Life is a universal template with many lenses. When placed over the face of a common or ordinary circle or sphere, the Flower of Life maps a window into the unity of infinity and turns the ordinary into a revelation of the extraordinary.  Looking into the window of the Flower of Life challenges us to unify our mind, heart, and spirit. When we can truly see all life woven so intimately, we strengthen the embrace of the divine in our lives and we can transform our world through the vision of universal unity.

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