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The Sacred Lotus:
 Symbol of the unfoldment of Consciousness

The Lotus is a revered sacred symbol in many Eastern Cultures. It grows in the mud of ponds and flowers high above its roots, untouched by it's muddy origins.  Because of its ability to remain rooted in the mud of the earth and rise to perfect purity above, it is the Universal Symbol of the Flowering of Consciousness and Spiritual Attainment. All of the Sacred Mandalas of the Chakra Energy Centers depict Lotuses with specific numbers of petals unfolded. The Crown Chakra 's mandala is the Thousand Petaled Lotus - symbolizing the complete state of Self-Realization and Spiritual Enlightenment.

The Lotus has always been the emblem of the spiritual aspirant.
It rises from its origins in the mud of material life,
through the often murky waters of thoughts and emotions
to open its pure, fragrant, golden heart to the sun.
While remaining firmly rooted in the mud, it floats serenely unaffected on the surface of the water,
basking in the Light and inspiring all with its sweet fragrance and natural beauty.

" Symbols are a means of bringing subtle, inner realities to a  focus in outward expression. Within the fundamental unity of consciousness, certain symbols, such as the lotus lifting itself in purity above the muddy water, possess universal relevance and power." Sri Kriyananda

Our Pranava Crystal Lotus Flower is a stunning Opalescent Faceted Crystal. In a brilliant display of Light, all the color frequencies of the rainbow spectrum swirl around this amazing Crystal.  We charge it in the Pranava™ Energy Activator to harmonize, clear, and restore balance to any room.

Place it on the Heart Chakra for an energetic clearing and frequency tuning of the Heart.

Just gazing at it lifts the spirit and brings a sense of inspiration and joy.


Lotus Crystals


Available in Tanzine Blue, Irridescent Clear or Ice Pink

Pranava™ Energy Activated Crystal Lotus. Measures 4 inches in diameter

Pranava Crystal Lotus Flower

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